Covid-19: Bill Gates under fire for saying everyone who receives Covid-19 Vaccine should be chipped


Bill Gates is currently under serious criticism from media users for saying everyone who receives the covid-19 vaccine should be chipped for national tracking purposes.

Bill Gate has been trying to get every citizen on earth to obtain a Covid 19 Vaccination with Digital Id that can track an individual. Gates called for a “South Korean-like national tracking system,” saying that “in Seattle, there are thousands of tests every day, but no one is linked to a national tracking system” and that “If there is a successful test, it should be recognized.

However, this new ideal from Bill Gate seem not to have gone down well with many media users most especially Nigerians. They alleged that the opinion is satanic as it stands to mark the fulfillment of the mark of the beast as prophesied in the Bible.

Majority of those that shared their opinion called out to Bill Gate that the world is not interested in his vaccine. Here are some of the screen shots of their comments.

The youtube link below is a discussion and proof that the technology have been tested and ready before the Covid 19 outbreak. Could it be the Virus has been released intentionally just to make people receive the vaccine with chip without delay? That is the question we must all answer.