Couple gets married in their living room amidst COVID-19 scare


They say love is a beautiful thing and that’s not a lie, being rich or poor doesn’t matter if the both parties are genuinely in love. The love in the air is way stronger than the pandemic out there as a brand new couple has decided that the rampaging deadly disease, coronavirus, is too small to stop them from being joined together as husband and wife.

The unnamed couple in Taraba state whose wedding photo has gone viral on social media decided not to change their wedding date like many others in the same situation as they have done by postponing their wedding till after the COVID-19 scare.

The couple according to Lucky Atuanya (@LuckyAtuanya on twitter) shared their wedding photo on Twitter as their marriage went ahead in their house with few friends attending the wedding ceremony.

” Couple that got married in a living room in Taraba State. You don’t need to postpone that wedding just yet. Kindly wish them well.”

The couple got married in their living room with only 10 guests in attendance. The couple did not only get married but also spent less on refreshments, venue decoration, other entertainments associated with a Nigerian wedding.

With a face like that, I wonder if the woman is happy, what do you think, leave a comment.