Couple found dead in Ogun apartment

A 37-year-old farmer, Kehinde Egbeyi, and his wife, Bukola, were found dead at their residence at Oke Erinja, Ilaro-Owode Road, in the Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State.


According to Punch, the couple, who lived with a relative identified simply identified as Joel, were watching a movie with their colleagues at Joel’s residence and later went to sleep in their various rooms in the building.


However, the following morning, everyone except the couple came out of their respective rooms to prepare to go to the farm to do their job for the day.


Joel called Kehinde and his wife to come out of their room but got no response. He and his other colleagues, broke down the door of Kehinde’s apartment and they found him and his wife lying motionless on their bed.


Speaking with the publication, a source said the couple retired into their room without any sign of sickness on Monday evening, February 27, 2023, adding that when their corpses were found in the room, they alerted the police to the incident.


“Joel, Kehinde and his wife, and some other colleagues were all watching a movie in the sitting room that night. After watching the movie, all of them went into their rooms and Kehinde went to meet his wife in the room,” the source explained. 


“But in the morning when others were set to go to the farm, they did not see Kehinde and his wife, and they decided to knock on the door of the room but no one answered.


“It was when they did not get any response after some time that they forced the door of the room open and saw their corpses on the bed. Blood was dripping out of Kehinde’s nostrils while a foamy substance was coming out of his wife’s nostrils,” the source added. 


“The source ruled out the possibility of the deceased dying from generator fumes, saying no such item was in the room or outside the premises of the building.


In a bid to ascertain the cause of death of the couple, it was learnt that some of the family consulted a herbalist while some other aggrieved family members reported the case at the Owode Idiroko Police Station from where policemen were sent to the scene.


It was gathered that the policemen insisted on evacuating the corpses to the mortuary for an autopsy to reveal the cause of death but the bereaved family rejected the plan, insisting that they had taken the couple’s death as the will of God.


Their remains were said to have since been buried.


Kehinde’s brother, Joel, confirmed the development and said although the family suspected that the death was not natural, they have decided to move on.


“I was the one that went to the police station at Owode to report the mysterious death of my brother and his wife. Some policemen came here to see for themselves,” he said. 


“Our family decided to just let this matter end there because we don’t want the issue to escalate. My mother is distraught now and she cannot even talk,” 


He confirmed that his family members had buried Kehinde’s remains while members of his late wife’s family also took her corpse away for burial.


A friend of the bereaved family, Kayode Adejobi, also confirmed the development.


“I have been coming here every time since this incident happened. This is an unfortunate incident,” he lamented.


Police spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the development.


“What happened was that the husband and wife were found dead in the room. The deceased husband is a twin and was living with his brother in the same house,” the PPRO said. 


“After discovering their corpses, they reported to the police and the police visited the house and were about to evacuate the corpses to the mortuary to do a post-mortem but the family declined because they did not suspect any foul play. So, we told them to do an affidavit since they insisted on not doing a case and they went to the court to do the affidavit and the corpses were released to them. If they are now suspecting any foul play, it is an afterthought.” 


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