Counselor says dating men with 6 packs is dangerous, dating them ends in broken heart


Counselor Joy on a local TV station has spoken against those who take to social media to find love.
According to her, dating a man or woman through social media because he has 6 or 8 packs or that she has curves with a hot body can be very dangerous.

In her submission monitored by Mynewsgh, Counsellor Joy said most people looking for love on the internet have mastered the art of seduction and will do everything to win love but have questionable characters.

“It is okay to look for someone out there but when you go there, try to make friends, try to look for the truth as much as possible. Don’t just because he has eight packs or six packs, or she looks hot and all of that”, she indicated.

“I read a research paper last year. The feeling that you get when somebody makes you feel good and the person gets in your head and your heart, and your entire body wants the person; You see, you can actually equate that to the feeling you get when you take cocaine or something for the first time. The thing is you want more, see that high feeling that you have never got before, that is how it is.”

Furthermore, “I met a lady who had had a toxic relationship in the past-she met a guy online and she needed someone to care for her; this guy told this lady everything she was longing to hear. When she had this broken heart, there was no one at home to hug to, she was sort of looking for some sort of validation out there, and she got it.

In the end, she was sending this guy money, she knew she was in some sort of toxic relationship but she wasn’t willing to let it go until someone introduced us”, the Counselor disclosed.

“I saw this lady coming when we met at the restaurant, I didn’t see any ugly woman, I didn’t see any ‘obolo’, I saw a beautiful African young lady with beautiful curves and the right things on the right body. And then somebody told her, you are ‘obolo’ and you are not nice, you are this and you that and then; she went on the internet looking for somebody to tell her sweet things.

So you see if they find the validation and the fulfillment in the love they need from their parents and the people around them, probably most of them will not go out there”, Counselor Joy pointed out.

Continuing, she said “For me if the person is in Pennsylvania and so you cannot meet the person, what is wrong in investing in friendship, what is wrong in getting to know the person ‘intorto’.”

Counselor Joy has also remarked that a lot of people have committed suicide over internet dating. She noted that even though suicide rates are low in Africa, we can’t overlook its negative impact.

She hence advised that precautions must be taken when finding love online to avoid all the complications that come with it.

A caller to the programme called Meshach said online dating has its advantages and demerits, and therefore people should use their head in making decisions.