Could there be a silent war between Don Jazzy and his brother D’prince over Rema

Don Jazzy and Rema

Divine Ikubor A.K.A Rema is one Nigerian artist that has definitely changed the game with electric sound and style. He has been able to change his style by combining Afro pop with Trap music which is very rare in this part of the world and he has been successful at it.

Rema is popularly known as a Mavin Records artist but one thing that most people don’t know is that he was not originally signed by Mavin records own by Don Jazzy. Rema’s first deal in the music industry was with Jonzing world entertainment which is owned by Donjazzy’s brother D’prince who discovered Rema after he did a cover to one of his songs ‘ Gucci Gang”. D’prince invited Rema over and signed him to his label. Seeing the prospect that Rema possessed he teamed up with his brother Don Jazzy’s label Mavin Records to assist with his career. Now that Rema has become a big artist fans have now associated the success to Mavin Records and have really not given D’prince his due credit.

D’prince has now been relegated to the position of Manager and not a label which is not so, Jonzing world entertainment is a record label not a management company. We are sure of this because both labels are shown upfront This is how the music industry works, if you have a connections like Don Jazzy does you will get more deals and who ever brings the deal gets the most cut which will definitely see D’prince earn less than Don Jazzy from Rema’s revenue.

However, in recent times Don Jazzy has not really posted things relating to Rema on his Instagram page like that.

Is this a sign if him withdrawing from Rema now that he can stand on his own?