Coronavirus: Self-isolation can’t work in Nigeria – Japhet Omojuwa


Blogger Japhet Omojuwa has said that self-isolation as a way of preventing the spread of coronavirus cannot work in Nigeria after a third case of the virus was confirmed.

In a tweet shared, Omojuwa advised that the best thing to do to prevent the virus from having a foothold in Nigeria is by ensuring it doesn’t come into the country.

He wrote: “Social distancing” and “self-isolation” cannot work for Nigerians in Nigeria. Naija people no dey like stay one place. Just make sure that coronavirus doesn’t find its way into the population. There should already be restrictions on some form of gatherings.

He also called on the government to restrict travels from countries badly affected by the virus.

“I think it’s about time Nigeria restricts travel from countries badly affected by #COVID_19. That restriction should affect transits from those countries. This is in the interest of everyone, including the countries in question. Restriction could be for 2 weeks. Stay safe people.”