Coronavirus: Please, if you are in Lagos, keep your kids out of school from Monday


Don’t have faith more than reality dictates. Don’t depend on the government “it’s well”, statement.

As it stands, Nigeria has not been a ble to pick out and quarantine those who flew same plane with the Italian man who came in with Coronavirus.

Even those he met with in Abeokuta are yet to be quarantined.

There’s no information on if the nurses and doctors who first handled his case, have been quarantined.

Who knows, those could be parents to your kids school mate. This is why we should be more protective of our kids and ourselves.

I know that it’s too early to think this way but understanding NIGERIA, we should be doing things other countries did in their pandemic stage at this point. This is because we don’t have a government capable of controlling this disease, if we don’t take measures to control it.

By Anwulika Udanoh.