Coronavirus: KimOprah, Esther disagree over suggested travel ban


Ex-Big Brother Naija stars, KimOprah and Esther Agunbiade, have disagreed over whether the government should put in place a travel ban in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

The two reality TV stars argued over the issue on Twitter on Thursday.

It all began when Kim, 24, suggested that African countries should restrict travels from countries with a high incidence of the virus.

“Honestly at this point, I think Africa should restrict other continents like Asia, Europe and any other that has high #COVID19 rate from coming in..,” she wrote.

Esther, 22, disagreed, saying it would be unwise for the continent to turn its backs on world powers at such critical time.

She tweeted: “I understand your point and see the reason to it but if Asia and Europe are restricted, that’s two big continents and if we’re seen to close the doors to them and God forbid we have an epidemic such as this, same would be done to us…”