Coronavirus: How Chioma got infected with Coronavirus


There should be more to this CoronaVirus than what we hear about


If its just hygiene alone, chef chioma just tested positive, you mean she no dey wash hand regularly 🤔is it that the stats taken are not correct, how come its just the rich that are being tested positive… Who does the hygiene more than they do? 🤔 Davido tested Negative, you mean he had not had any contact with Chioma recently? Her son tested negative, she had not breastfed him nor carried him recently🤔

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Anyways,stay safe..take all precautionary measures seriously

My own concern isn’t even the hygiene

I saw a video of she and Davido days ago

They’ve been together all this while and he tested Negative.. Me I’m not even understanding again

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Anyway… God says.. “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on”

And that’s what the world needs to cry for.. “MERCY”😒. Imagine British PM coming down with Corona. Which kind preventive measure he no fit or couldn’t or didn’t take?

So only God can help us. What’s your own opinion?

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