Coronavirus fear leads to Ellen DeGeneres shooting without studio audience


Much like all businesses around the world, the showbiz industry all across too has suffered widely at the hands of the coronavirus scare.

Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon, in the wake of the pandemic, have decided to shoot episodes of their chat shows without a live audience present in the studio.

DeGeneres turned to her Twitter to make the official announcement: “I have some news. For now, I’ll be shooting my show with no studio audience.

To everyone who was looking forward to coming, I’m so sorry. But I’m doing this for the health of my fans, my staff & my crew. (It has nothing to do with a warrant for my arrest in the state of Florida.)”

She had earlier also refrained from greeting her celebrity guest on the show Mandy Moore with a hug, saying: “It’s hard because I just forget that we are not supposed to hug,” adding: “I think gloves are going to come back in style.”