Coronavirus crisis “is not over”, W.H.O warns

W.H.O Spokeswoman, Margaret Harris

The coronavirus crisis “is not over” and will not be “until there is no virus anywhere in the world,” the World Health Organization said on Friday, as it warned of “upticks” in some countries.

The epicentre of the pandemic is currently in countries of central, south and north America, particularly the United States, WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris was quoted as saying by the Reuters news agency.

“On upticks (in cases), yes we have seen in countries around the world – I’m not talking specifically about Europe – when the lockdowns ease, when the social distancing measures ease, people sometimes interpret this as ‘OK, it’s over’,” Harris told a UN briefing in Geneva.

“It’s not over. It’s not over until there is no virus anywhere in the world,” she said.

Referring to demonstrations since the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis 10 days ago, Harris said that protesters must take precautions. “We have certainly seen a lot of passion this week, we’ve seen people who have felt the need to be out and to express their feelings,” she added. “We ask them to remember still protect yourself and others.”