Coronavirus: Anyone who arrests, assaults a pastor is in danger – Chris Oyakhilome


The senior pastor and founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome has expressed his displeasure over news that pastors of some churches are being arrested for gathering large crowd despite order restricting such as the country manages the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking in reaction to a video wherein a police officer was spotted bragging after arresting a pastor, the popular cleric stated that anyone who harasses or arrests a pastor is in more serious danger than the pastor arrested.

He said:

“He was excited he arrested a Pastor. Terrible! But he is not the first to arrest a pastor. Jesus was arrested and Jesus was doing what the people didn’t want Him to do and the Apostles did what they were not allowed to do.
The Government said, ‘Don’t preach in this name anymore’. They went on preaching. Right?! They arrested them.

“So it is not enough to say, well, if you do what the Government say not to do, then we have the power to arrest you. Arrest! That Pastor was not the first person to do what Government said don’t do. When I heard of it, I didn’t judge him because what if he was praying and that was the guidance he got?