Corona Virus: Landlord locked out after returning from UK- Comedian AY reveals (Nigerians react)


Many things are happening around the world as the Corona Virus pandemic persists, forcing many, both individuals and Government into many different difficult decisions and choices.


The latest of such is the report from veteran Nigerian comedian, entertainer and actor, Ayodeji Richard Makun, popular on stage by the name, Comedian AY, who just revealed that a certain landlord in his residential area has been locked out of his own house after he returned from the United Kingdom.

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He said he started hearing voices that forced him to look out, to find out what’s going on, only to see that a certain landlord was ranting outside, as he was refused entry into his own compound in Lagos State.

But I support the decision of the tenants since some persons have become too recalcitrant, that they flout virtually all the necessary health tips towards containing the Corona Virus epidemic.

See what some Nigerians are saying over the funny and crazy situation…

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