Controversy as Popular Pastor Sells Magic Pens that Can Help Students Pass Final Year Exams (Photo)


A popular pastor has caused a stir after announcing the presence of pens that can help school students pass exams without a hitch.

A popular South African pastor, Bishop Hamilton Nala, has gotten a lot of tongues wagging after making a recent announcement.
The controversal man of God announced that he is selling magic pens which he claims will assist pupils to pass their final year exams.

According to Daily Sun SA, the pens, ranging from R10 to R20, were announced on Sunday. They have since been widely circulated by his church congregation.
The pens are in different colours with the writing: “You will never use faith water, write with Nala pen and anoint yourself with faith oil and still pass like them, you will excel.”
Not so long ago, the founder of the Nala Mandate Church upset many, including KZN MEC for Health, Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo, when he sold holy water that he claimed healed HIV.
His move was seen as misleading and giving false hope to those suffering from the disease.
This week the bishop introduced the King Dr HQ Nala pens. While they have been welcomed with excitement by his church, outsiders believe the bishop is trying to cash in on desperate and gullible pupils.

Daily Sun SA reports that when the pastor was contacted, his personal assistant Princess Zikode said he was busy and could not take calls.
“The King is currently busy with church related matters and has requested not to be interrupted.”


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