Constantly saying men are trash is a crazy thing – Ronke Raji


Popular vlogger, Ronke Raji has taken to social media to speak against the excesses of said ‘feminists’.

According to her, she finds it awkward and displeasing when people peddle the men are trash motto, because for her, being trash is not gender specific or exclusive.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote “One thing that I find really crazy in today’s society is the constant demeaning of men. Like yes, some men are trash BUT they aren’t always the problem.”

“All I’m saying is I’ve seen a lot more people talking about trash men continuously like women don’t have the things they do also. This is just MY opinion, I’ve seen men that have done some crazy things but I’ve seen women do so too. That’s all.

“I’m saying this once. I’ve seen a lot more men are trash tweets this year. I get it there are different men out there and some can be crazy. I’m clarifying that women also have their things as well. This is only MY opinion and it’s okay for you to have yours.”