‘Congratulations to people leaving their marriages and relationships, na only you know wetin your eyes dey see’ – Actress, Amarachi Igwe

Amarachi Igwe, a well-known Yoruba actress and nurse located in the United States, has used her official social media handle to express happiness for those who have decided to end their marriages or other long-term partnerships.

A nurse who had just gotten off shift said that since she no longer has anything positive to say to those who are ending their relationships, she can only offer them her congrats. She claimed that it is unnecessary for them to give an explanation because only they have experienced what they had in their marriage/relationship.

“The only thing I can say to people who are walking away from marriages and relationships right now is congratulations,”

she captions the photo. The only person who truly understands what you’ve been through is yourself, so there’s no point in trying to put your feelings into words.

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