Conditions before I would allow my kids have DNA test – Conditions Before I Would Allow My Kids Have DNA Test – Peggy Ovire


Nollywood actress, Peggy Ovire has revealed the condition under which she would allow her kids to have a DNA test.

According to the actress, she would opt for a DNA test only if her husband she gets to marry in the future has some broken trust for her and decides to verify if the children belong to him.

She noted that once the trust is broken, everything does not seem right so it would be very reasonable to have a DNA test.

In her words: “The topic of DNA is a very sensitive issue. But my take on this will be; Why start a family with someone you can’t or don’t trust? If and when I get married and my hubby asks for a DNA test, I would want to know why he feels our kids are not his before going ahead to get it done. Besides, only a cheating wife will be scared of getting a DNA test. but also the man should have it in mind that “trust once broken cannot be fixed.”

“I’ll never date or marry a lazy man or a man who loves to party, spend more time outside than his home. A man who’s not into me and who thinks a woman is a slave. A thrift spender who has no moral values is a turn off for me.” she added.