COMMOTION!!! As Man is Found Stone Dead Inside a Gutter After a Night of Drinking (Photo)


A man who was out the previous night, drinking and having a great time with friends, has been found dead inside a ditch.

Obert Ndambakuwa, a Zimbabwean man has been found dead in a ditch in Bulawayo’s Pumula East suburb on Saturday morning.

According to The Chronicle, Obert Ndambakuwa was allegedly drinking with his friends at Cover Shopping Centre in Pumula on the night before he was found dead.

His body and bicycle were discovered in a storm drain by passersby who reported the matter to the police on Saturday morning.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said police were investigating the case.

“For now we are treating the case as sudden death. We do not have details for us to say it was a murder but investigations are in progress.

“The man was found about 100m away from where he is said to have been drinking with friends and his bicycle was in the drainage where his body was found,” she said.

Residents believe Ndambakuwa must have been too drunk to cycle resulting in him falling into the storm drain.

“Obert was drinking at Cover Supermarket and I think he fell into the drainage because he was too drunk,”Â� said a resident, Mr Honest Moyo.

Ward 19 Councillor Clayton Zana, under whose jurisdiction Pumula East falls, said he was called by residents in the morning to witness the incident which had happened overnight.

According to the councillor, Ndambakuwa had received false news that his mother had died on Friday.

He later found out that his mother was only ill and decided to go drinking that same night.

Clr Zana urged residents to exercise responsibility when stressed and to be cautious at night.

“When people are stressed they should always be responsible and not drink. Also people should desist from travelling alone at night as this is dangerous,” he said.


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