‘Code Wilo’ To Address Political Godfatherism – Producer

Code Wilo

In a bid to address certain issues on politics like Godfatherism and female candidacy among others, Hauwa Allahbura, the producer of The Eve is out with Code Wilo to make a statement.

Code Will stares Gabriel Afolayan, Bikiye Graham – Douglas, Alex Usifo, Kalu Ikeagwu among others.

According to the producer, Code Wilo was inspired by the 2019 elections, Godfatherism in the political industry and the need to portray a strong female character with political ambition.

“We basically shot this film thinking about how to influence the elections and encourage not too young to run. Our lead character is in her 30’s, she’s female and she’s running for Governor”, she said.

“I sat down with a group of investors and we decided to tell this story in the most relatable manner”.

Speaking about challenges encountered during the production of the movie, Hauwa noted that  “we face the usual challenges as filmmakers in Nigeria. The funniest but serious is Generator noise from the surrounding. Code Wilo has spectacular sound because a lot of time and money was put into it”

Also, one of the casts in the movie, Gabriel Afolayan described the movie as a totally different movie that should be seen by everyone ones it’s out in cinemas.

“This story is totally different. It’s action-packed, thrilling and no dull moment at all from one scene to the other, everything keeps connecting and you don’t have to worry yourself as an audience watching before you can get the effect of what you are watching.

“It politically rhythm type of story and it talks about the issue of kidnap as well, the issue of love, it’s a big project that talks about a whole lot of stuff the country is facing at the moment politically.