‘Churches testing brides for pregnancy is extremely foolish, it’s pointless’ – Feminist Ozzy Etomi reacts as lady thinks of abortion in order to get wedded in her church

Nigerian feminist, Ozzy Etomi, is of the opinion that churches that test their brides for pregnancy are not only barbaric and extremely foolish, but that the action itself is pointless.

Ozzy shared this thought on her Twitter handle. According to her, the exercise is ”intrusive and sexist”.

”Churches testing brides for pregnancy is not only barbaric and extremely foolish, its pointless. Couples who are sexually active can be wed, a man with 5 women pregnant outside can be wed, a woman who aborts the baby & passes the test can be wed. Its intrusive and sexist.”

Her tweet comes after a Twitter user mentioned that her friend who is set to get married is considering carrying out an abortion after she found out she is pregnant, as her church will not let her wed due to the pregnancy.

”My friend who’s supposed to get married next month, just found out she’s pregnant. She’s thinking of an abortion because if the church finds out, they won’t wed her. They are both confused (the groom is a youth leader in church).”

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