Church members beat men who pointed gun at their Pastor during a door-to-door ministration (video)

A dramatic scene recently played out in Warren Park, Harare, Zimbabwe, as a mob of Apostolic Church members ambushed two men who threatened a popular Harare cleric, Madzibaba Moses, with a firearm.

ZimLive reported that Madzibaba Moses, real name Lloyd Gwasira, was in Warren Park, conducting door-to-door services for faithful church members at the time of the incident. Because of his popularity in Harare, he usually walks with a squad of fellow apostolic church members as bodyguards.

As he was moving around, two former church members sneaked up on him, toting a firearm and aimed it at him in a daring show of power. The two men accused Madzibaba Moses of being bitter and bewitching them after they left his popular church in Highfields.

Before the angry former church members clicked the firearm, about five of Madzibaba Moses’ bodyguards pounced on them and started dishing out blows to them.

A passerby even tried in vain to stop the one-sided fight. As the second man tried to flee, he was dragged back by the church members who continued beating them. As all the drama unfolded, Madzibaba Moses stood at a distance, watching his followers fight a ”holy war” for him.

The two men have now been arrested by Zimbabwe Republic Police and charged with pointing a firearm.

Watch a video from scene of the fight below…

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