Christabel accuses the Sun News of fake news: I can never be a 3rd wife, I don’t need a man


Actress Christabel Accuses The Sun News Of Fake News: I Can Never Be A 3rd Wife, I Don’t Need A Man Badly please you people should stop carrying useless news about me I don’t like it.

This should be the last time I will say this pls take this useless headline down if not get ready for my lawyer foolish people everywhere looking for news to carry.

Here was the publication made by The Sun News below

Christabel Egbenya Beautiful on-screen character, Christabel Egbenya needs a man seriously. As it is presently, she wouldn’t fret being a second or third spouse as long as her bliss is ensured.

The Enugu State-based job mediator admitted to Inside Nollywood that she’s directly in no genuine relationship and consequently she is prepared to invite a man into her life now. Hear her: “With regards to genuine relationship, for the present, I don’t have a man. In any case, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a beau.

I need a man who will cherish me for who I am and will bolster my business what not. It’s better on the off chance that he is rich, attractive and dim. Who doesn’t care for better thing? That is each lady’s petition.

Be that as it may, I can wed from any clan. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that he is Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa; as long as I am content with him, it’s alright.

I can even be a second or third spouse, it doesn’t generally make a difference as long as there is genuine affection and bliss.” The CEO of Label Beauty World, in any case, deplored the COVID-19 lockdown that has influenced her business. “My shop has been on lockdown. There is no film and no salary.

Remaining at home is even a weight on the grounds that there is no light to do anything.

Things haven’t been simple. I feel truly horrible on the grounds that there’s no cash right now.

The corrective merchandise in my shop are evolving hues, and I am losing millions. For the present, everything I do is rest, wake up, do a few activities, and afterward implore. I miss voyaging.

I am not used to remaining in a spot. I love working. I simply ask this pandemic finishes soon,” she lamented.