Chizzy Alichi, Destiny Etiko and Chika Ike who looks more beautiful in isolation


Because of the recent pandemic nigerians have been force to stay isolated in their own homes to prevent spread of the virus and keep people safe.

its not been easy staying at home for the past few days, everything was getting boring and the only mode of escape from the boredom is social media.

Nigerian celebrities have been posting their photos on Instagram, then an argument about celebrities like chizzy alichi, destiny etiko and chika began saying that which of them is more cute during this isolation period.

Chizzy alichi is a popular nigerian nollywood actress,born 23 December 1993( 28 years old) in enugu.

Destiny etiko is also a famous nigerian nollywood actress who is loved by many nigerians,born 12 August 1994(25 years old) in udi.

And chika ike is a famous nigerian nollywood actress, businesswomen, television personality, philanthropist and film producer, she recently lunched her movie titled small chops which was a big hit in cinemas.