#Chivido 24: Davido and Chioma melt hearts in their first outfit of the day

The internet is abuzz with glimpses into Davido and Chioma’s wedding, but the moment that takes the cake is a video of them in matching outfits.

Chioma could be seen wearing a gorgeous maroon ‘Aseoke’ dress, complete with intricate beading around her waist. On the sleeves and of the dress, delicate looking flowers were attached, which gave it an ethereal appearance.

As for jewelry, Chioma wore a gorgeous diamond necklace that took the form of sleeping petals. Complete with a studded silver and maroon purse, Chioma looked like the perfect blushing bride that she is.

Davido on the other hand wore a maroon colored ‘Agbada’ that matched Chioma’s dress. Although simple, Davido’s ‘Agbada’ exuded luxury, complete with intricately beaded patterns in the middle. He also added a decorative native walking staff that fully represented the Yoruba culture.

It is clear from the video that Davido was enamored by his wife Chioma, and the same could be said for her.

Throughout the video, Davido couldn’t be found ten steps away from his wife, as he hung around her, even blowing air into her face with her hand fan, in order to keep her from sweating.

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