Chioma hasn’t shown any signs days after testing positive for Covid-19- They probably faked it after all!


The duo has played and pulled so many stunts in the past just to stay relevant so much so that, it has been come difficult if not entirely to believe whatever comes from their camp.

A few days ago, Davido announced that his woman and baby mama Chioma had tested positive for Covid-19 whilst himself, their son and 35 others remained negative.

Social media came at Davido, some hold the perception that they are both lying and as usual, they want to stay in the limelight even at this crucial phase in all of our lives.

After a few days had gone by, social media folks pestered Davido to take the test again which he did and it again came out negative.

Well, one Twitter fan who has decided to concern herself with Davido and Chioma asked the If crooner how his significant other is doing and she said she is doing very well.

According to Davido, after days of testing positive, she has shown no symptoms and actually doing well.