Chioma and Davido Net Worth For 2019


Chioma Avril Rowland whose name is popularly known as Chioma(Chef Chi) and her fiancee David Adedeji Adeleke (Davido) has been one of the most talked-about celebrities in Nigeria, if not the whole west Africa. In fact, the genesis of their relationship has proven genuine love between the two celebrities. Chioma became an overnight celebrity after Davido openly professes his love and also featured her in one of his songs titled “Assurance”. Chioma being the Queen of Davido’s 30 billion gangs has forced people to be agitated to know about her current net worth, alongside her boyfriend’s net worth. Obviously, that is what you will know in this article(Chioma and davido net worth), but before that, it is necessary to know about their biography. Isn’t it? Absolutely Yes, you can get yourself a chilled drink as you keep reading about these two wonderful lovers (at the same time celebrities).

Chioma And Davido Biography

Chioma was born into the family of Seventh-day Adventists on 1st April 1995. She hails from the southeastern part of Nigeria, Imo state. However, Сhіоmа attended Ваbсосk Unіvеrѕіtу where she studied Economics, she was at 300 level when she quit her education to travel around the world with the afro superstar musician (Davido). Although, she was disowned by her parents for quitting education because of her boyfriend, yet she doesn’t change her mind over her decision.
Chioma fiancee, David Adedeji Adeleke was born in the United State Of America (Atlanta GA), on 21st of November 1992 to the family of Mr. And Mrs. Adeleke.

Davido is popularly known as a Nigerian singer, recording artist, songwriter and also a music producer. He is from the southwestern part of Nigeria (Yoruba Tribe).

In 2003, Davido lost her dear mother, professor, Mrs. Vero Adeleke. With this, he has to continue his secondary education by attending the British International School in Lagos and later studied Business Administration at Oakwood University, Alabama, USA. While he was at school Davido has bought himself musical instruments. He knew fully well that his career is to be a musician. However, his music career did not blossom as he expected due to his poor performances. This forced him to drop out of school in the USA. In which he later relocated to London to focus on his music career. Davido came back to Nigeria in 2011 and he continued with his education at Babcock University in Ogun State, Nigeria to study Music. Not only that, but it was also believed that is where he also met with his fiancee Chioma.

Davido break into the Nigeria music industry when he sang “Dami Duro ”. After that, he has also released several singles and albums in which one of his songs ” Assurance” also shootout the talent of Chioma making her a model. Davido and his elder brother Adewale Adeleke owns the HKN Music.

Davido’s Net worth

There is no doubt, Davido is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria with net worth currently standing at an impressive $16 million. Davido’s net worth is calculated based on their assets, endorsement, and liquidity.

Davido owns many luxurious cars which cost millions of dollars, and a mansion in Lekki, Lagos. This mansion worth N140 million which is just a four-bedroom, semi-detached duplex. The interior design of this house is one of the best designs in Nigeria. He also gifted Chioma an expensive car that cost N45 million.

Aside from Davido’s assets, Davido signed ₦30 million endorsement deal with MTN in 2012. Not just that, he also has some endorsement with top brands outside the country which include the Infinix telephone brand and others.

Chioma’s Endorsement

Chef Chioma also has an endorsement of N60 million with a popular company in Abuja. In 2018, after she has gotten a Porsche car that worth N45 million from Davido, Chioma also signed a multi-million endorsement. Although, Davido wants her to reject the endorsement, as he claims that his girlfriend worth more than N60 million. But, she later signed the endorsement.