Chinese company exposed for making meat products from aborted fetuses and selling them to Africa


An anonymous report made by someone who calls himself “The Insider” had been shared in the dark web, it was encrypted and tech experts who saw it says the person really values his privacy and he went to a great length to leak that report so it is more likely to be true.

The report is about how a company that was responsible for the disposal of fetuses created a subsidiary company that processed meat and export it exclusively to certain African countries at unbelievably low prices.

When China’s one-child policy was introduced in 1979 the majority of women who fell pregnant resorted to abortion for different reasons. Some aborted because they already had a child, some aborted because they wanted a specific gender, many parents wanted a boy so a lot of girls fetuses where aborted.

The policy lasted for 36 years and during that, there were so many abortions and one company decided to capitalize on the fetuses in a very inhumane way. They made meat products using the fetuses and sell them at very low prices to poor countries in Africa.

The company even offered free branding for supermarkets that wanted their names to appear on the products. There is no telling if the products had a percentage of actual chicken meat or not.

According to reports the last shipment of this type of product was made in 2015 when the one-child policy finally came to an end.

The company was fined by the authorities in the region where its factories were located and the whole report was never made public and what the African clients know is that the company went out of business because of their low prices that eventually lead to their bankruptcy.