‘China created coronavirus as a weapon to destroy world economies and make theirs the biggest’ – International diplomatic consultant alleges


Many people have shared varied opinions about the deadly Coronavirus with some alleging that the deadly virus is a man-made virus.


One person who is making such an allegation is Farouk Al-Wahab, who is an experienced international diplomatic consultant who is also a product of Afro-Asia Institute and Karl Franzens Uni. Gra- Australia.

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In a recent interview, the virus was developed by China to just to destroy the economies of some of the superpowers and prove that they are superior.

We sighted his claim in a recent report made by celebritiesbuzz and per his narration, if you look at the rate and demographics, especially the continental trend through which the virus spreads, it tells you something isn’t right somewhere.

He explained that any time a man-made or laboratory virus is produced, the human guinea pigs used for the testing are Africans.

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Additionally, he made a serious revelation that HIV and Ebola were both tested in DR Congo-Africa but first time in history, this virus did not start from Africa and that should tell you the intention behind it.

According to him, Africa was never a target because the Chinese whom he alleged to have created the virus are doing business with Africa. This is the main reason why, the first cases recorded in almost every African country is an imported case.

To make his allegations more factual, he stated that the Chinese claim that there is no vaccine for the virus at the moment, but the question, “what did they use to cure the huge number of people who recovered from the virus?”

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He also specifically alleged that the Chinese have a literature of over 80 pages on the virus. In his view, such documents take time to write. how were they able to produce one within this short period?