China begins testing every resident in Wuhan

A medical worker wait for patients to be tested for the Covid-19 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, Chinas on 14 May 2020

Yesterday we reported on plans by Chinese authorities to test every resident in Wuhan, after a small outbreak was reported this week.

State media, People’s Daily, has said the program began yesterday, prioritising high risk populations.

It appears the intention is still to test everyone, although a health official told CGTN testing should be selective.

Dr Wu Zunyou, an epidemiologist at the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, said he didn’t believe there would be a “second peak” of the virus epidemic in China.

“We have gathered experience in curbing the spread of the coronavirus vin the past three months,” he said. “We won’t let some sporadic cases become another outbreak.”

There is serious concern over the outbreak in Wuhan, despite the small size. He Qinghua from the bureau of disease prevention and control, told a press conference disease control was generally stable across the nation, but there were still challenges.

He said Chinese authorities were still investigating the origins of the Shulan outbreak inthe northeasternJilin province, and he vowed to “make [results] public immediately”.Outbreaks in northeastern provinces near the borders with Russia and North Korea, drew a visit from Chinese vice premier Sun Chunlan this week.

According to Xinhua News, Sun, who is also a member of the CCP central committee’s Political Bureau, toured Heilongjiang province and demanded increased efforts in testing, tracing and treatment.