“China and myself presently are the biggest enemies” Nigerian male Barbie Bobrisky


Nigeria’s most famous crossdresser Okuneye Idris popularly know as Bobrisky recently made it clear that he and China are presently the biggest enemies via his Instagram account.

He is said to come from a well to do devout Muslim family but he has obviously chosen a path against the religion he was born into. He is said to have undergone reconstruction surgery to make him look like a woman but he said he’s not gay.

The 28 year old man has times without number instructed others to refer to him as a “she” and not a “he”. By mere looking at him it is hard to tell he’s not a natural woman, with his hair, makeup, curves and feminine character. He is always giving his fans gist about his boyfriend who he said is a Senator that takes care of him very well, sending him on expensive trip, shopping spree and buying him expensive stuffs.

He is also best friends with Nollywood actresse Tonto Dikeh. They are always showing off their closeness with public display of affection and buying each other nice gifts.

He said someone recently invited him to come visit the country which got him so annoyed because he doesn’t want to die. We guess he’s saying this because of the recent Corona virus outbreak which originated from China where over 80,894 cases have been discovered and over 3,237 deaths have been recorded.

We do not blame him/her because nobody wants to die at a young age or at the peak of their career so we can relate to his annoyance.

Please Bobrisky stay in Nigeria, as much as we criticise and insult you we don’t want you dead( laughs)