Chimamanda Adichie expresses her sorrow over the death of her aunt


The renowned writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie today took to her Facebook page as she mourn the death of her aunt.

According to her, the woman suffered from a brain aneurysm. In her words, “One day she was well and happy and the next day she was gone. Our time is filled with pain whose cause still does not feel fully true. We cry and yet we feel as though she is not really gone. She further narrated her point of view towards the Pandemic Coronavirus that is ravaging the world. She described the disease as a a menace not only in the air but in our heads. That human being is so fragile and breakable.

She said that the virus have put some fears on people faces as well as her. In her words, “My husband is a doctor and each morning when he leaves for work, I worry. My daughter coughs and I worry. My throat itches and I worry. On Facetime I watch my elderly parents. I admonish them gently: Don’t let people come to the house. Don’t read the rubbish news on WhatsApp, she concludes “.

Chimamanda advises the world to be to cope in the best way they can. She said that we are in the world and we should not resign to to the sad events of the world. That we should continue to put on our best even when we feel like not doing so.

She admonished us to use the period to do learn something every day, no matter how small, call loved ones and not text them, call them, help someone with a small cash transfer, an encouraging message, a shared laugh.

She said that her husband being a medical professional who so far has diagnosed two positive cases,she is still live with him in the same house. She added that she is very careful with the news she read as most of them are not true. That she believes that there are still much unknown about the coronavirus.,she promised to share links to articles in her stories. ⁣

Chimamanda Adichie is an international writer who have been listed as one of the most influencial woman in the world. She is from ABBA in Anambra State Nigeria. She have written so many books to her credit. On top of the lists includes;The Americana, Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow sun which got an orange prize award for her. She is married to an American based Doctor.