‘Children of politicians fly jets purchased with our tax money to buy suya in Kano but it’s not an issue’ – Bishop who shared photos of a pastor in his new private jet replies crtics

Bishop Humphrey Erumaka of WordBase Assembly, Okota, Lagos, has reacted to the criticisms that trailed his recent Facebook post.

The pastor had last week, shared photos of himself in a private jet purchased by his colleague, Apostle Chika Onuzo, the Senior Pastor of Resurrection House for All Nations, Atlanta.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, August 24, Bishop Erumaka pondered why Nigerians have a problem with Men of God using private jets when businessmen and children of politicians do same.

He wrote;

“Its a time to drive to the next location. There is a time to fly and a time to drive. The Gospel must be on wings or wheels and screens..Jesus didn’t need these per the geographical scoop of his ministry to the lost sheep of Israel. Upon his death he now commissioned us to take the same gospel to the ends of the earth, by what means shall this be done? On horse backs? Even Paul used ships to other countries,”

Men fly and drive to do their businesses internationally and it is not an issue but when a preacher does the same it becomes headache to many. Na so una hate us reach?
Children of our politicians fly jets purchased with out tax money to buy suya at kano and snap pictures and our bloggers are cool with it.

Traditional rulers,custodians of our traditions who don’t travel much per their office buy or are given jets and its not an issue but when a preacher does, Egyptians who hate shepherds would want to roast themselves in ink.

When few blessed clergy out of a higher percentage that are suffering, interlock roads,provide food parlatives better than the federal government, give out thousands of free eye checks and reading glasses the news is buried,na so una hate us reach? When alabaster was poured on the feet of Jesus, Judas was the first to protest and blog ” what a waste, this should have been sold to feed the poor.

But Jesus answered- the poor are always with you.Judas is still everywhere today
Finally I make bold to state the Bible- With prosperity shall this gospel of the kingdom be spread abroad ”

Anybody that cannot come to terms that the gospel now needs God’s revealed technology and the equipment of this age to thrive should stop and take his medication.

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