Children conceived in the dark tends to have shady characters ~ survey reveals


An online survey about children’s behavior and their parents’ bedroom activities had solved a big mystery, the correlation between how a person was conceived and their overall behavior.

Many experts dismiss the survey results, saying it is the same thing as people thinking their Zodiac signs have a hand in their behavior, personality, and intelligence. Some are arguing that numbers do not lie.

Twenty thousand sets of parents were interview between 2018 and 2020. Fifty-five percent of the parents say they have sex in the dark and undercovers all the time, and they conceived their children that way. Forty-three percent of parents interviewed say they have sex without covers and keep the light on at all times. The remaining two percent say they never gave it a thought, or they do both.

Now, here’s how it gets interesting. Ninety-nine percent of parents who say they conceived their children in the dark say all their children had behavioral issues. Most reported that all their children had had the same unusual behaviors like being anti-social, hateful, spiteful, and homicidal from a young age. On the other hand, parents that love doing the deed in the presence of light and not under the covers reported having children who are open-minded and happy souls.

Jena Weeds

“We are not going to publish this as facts of cause, but we all know there are things out there that are fact but just cannot be proven. If I ever decide to have children of my own, I am not going to take a chance.” Said Jena Weeds. A data analyst from Australia. Jena was one of the masterminds behind the survey.