Chidinma – Holy will rekindle your faith (video)

Chidinma - Holy will rekindle your faith

The talented Nigerian artist is back with her brand-new record Chidinma – Holy. You will love this beautiful song. Praise the Lord together with this sincere musician.

Watch the video below:

All songs of the Nigerian diva are genuine and candid. You can feel the love for God in every word she sings.

Chidinma – Holy description

Released: August 23, 2019

Format: mp3, video

Genre: Gospel

Length: 5:51 min

Label: 40tified distributed by Inglemind Digital

Producer(s): Frank Edwards

The soft tune of the record and the sweet voice of the artist create a perfect atmosphere for praising the Lord. Every word of the track reverberates through your whole body. It is impossible to resist the song’s enormous spiritual energy.

Chidinma – Holy reviews and comments 

If you are curious about what others think about the record, here is what YouTube users say about it:

Godwin Zartey: I don’t understand the language but I really love this song.

Bertila Burinyuy: I’m so blessed after listening to this song. God wants you to use this beautiful voice of yours and win more souls for his kingdom.

Seth Odoi: Powerful song. I think the beautiful lady should be doing more of the gospel songs. I really love this voice.

Bih Thelma: Wow, so touching.

Taiwo Omotunde: This song came at the right time. It’s full of God praises, it is amazing, and it will surely lift up so many souls.

Maranatha Johnson: This is dope. Kudos

Chidinma. I think you should do more of gospel music, you connect well with it.

Nana Rae: Chidinma should focus on Christian records. She is really good at it.

Archange Achouna: Wow, I’m speechless, amazed by her voice, and the song is just… transporting.

Adenike A.: She’s super talented. Thanks for blessing us with your beautiful amazing voice!

Ola Kelani: This is so lovely and powerful. I’ve watched it over and over and over!!! So beautiful.

Chima Oche: This song melted my soul.

Mary Oyewale: This is heartwarming. I felt goosebumps all through.

Cesca Slim: I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost as I sing to this song of praise. I’m blessed.

Prince Ngesi Nnamdi: I’m thrilled with how you switched to becoming a gospel singer. This is who you truly are, and God will take you to wonderful places you never imagined. God bless you for this wonderful song and for being yourself.

Nikky Love: Wow! So uplifting, edifying, astonishing, thank you for this, more grace darling. James Sunday: Couldn’t hold back my tears.

cityen z: Great! I like your voice. Keep on moving, baby. All time: This song is very touching.

bakia pauline: Deeply touched.

Cathetine prunelle: My favorite music.

rozette pajibo: Beautiful song. Indeed, God is Everything. Love you dear. God bless you for this sweet voice that you are using to bless the lives of his children.

Jume Jume: You heal my heart with this sweet melody.

Chidinma – Holy lyrics 

[Chorus 2X]

Mimo mimo oh Baba mimo mimo

Heaven and earth adore You mimo mimo Mimo mimoo baba mimo mimo

I‘ll sing Your praise forever mimo mimo

[Verse] 1

Nnsooo eee

Obini gwe nso hmmmm eeehe

Aka na gworia nso

Oke nmawu eeeeh nso


Your name is Ekuweme

Your name is Ancient of Days

You are the God over the earth

Your name is Ekwueme

Your name is Ancient of Days

Nso nso Jehovah nso nso


[Verse] 2

Aka m di lelu

O na e gbum m gbu ee

But I don’t care

Nara ekele

Aka na gbaji Igwe


Chi neye ndu, Chi o ye obi oma oooh

Chi neye nwa, great and mighty God

Nani gi bu Chi, you alone are God

Mimo mimo Baba mimo


Your name is Ekwueme

Your name is Ancient of Days

You are the God over the Earth

Your name is Ekwueme

Your name is Ancient of Days

Nso nso Jevovah nso


Mimo Ala wo funfun mimo

Oke ati ile juba mimo

O n je mimo

O n mu mimo

O n so mimo

O n ri mimo

O ni mimo

Emi mimo

Chidinma – Holy download

If you like the track and want to add it to your playlist, you can download it easily by following the links provided below:

Chidinma – Holy download on Google Play

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Chidinma – Holy download on Spotify.

Chidinma – Holy is a highly spiritual record that will conquer your heart.