Chicago Museum of Science and Industry: Man recreates world’s architectural wonders using LEGO blocks(photos)


Just when we thought creativity couldn’t get any more out-of-the-box, Chicago-born Adam Reed Tucker reinvents the wheel by recreating some of the world’s architectural wonders using LEGO blocks.

The 7,000-square-foot monster creation will be exhibited at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

The collection includes more than a dozen Lego-built giant engineering marvels including the International Space Station, Roman Colosseum and the 60-foot-long Golden Gate Bridge.

The work which is titled “Brick by Brick,” took up to 64,000 bricks and hundreds of hours of labor per structure.

Tucker, the man behind the creation is one of only 14 people around the world certified as a “Lego professional.”

Describing the work as trial and error, Tucker said “as I design and build, I gain a greater appreciation for the structure I am working on and try to capture the essence of the building in its sculptural form. My hope is that people looking at my work will also appreciate and learn about each architectural wonder and the creativity and imagination that’s possible with the Lego brick.”

The exhibition which will run till February 2017 will offer visitors a chance to try for themselves with hands-on building challenges.

See photos of some of the creations below.
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