Checkout What Doctors Never Told You About Menstruation In Adolescent


Menstrual issues have become prominent among ladies who find it difficult to manage their daily life while observing their periods.

A major condition that young girls experience during their adolescence and teenage years is menstrual pain. Most girls call it MP as an abbreviation for menstrual pain among their peers but it is medically known as dysmenorrhoea.

Dysmenorrhoea is the pain that occurs before or during menstruation or both. It is classified into primary and secondary. Primary dysmenorrhoea occurs when the pelvic anatomy and ovarian function are normal and no abnormality has been found to cause the pain.

The exact mechanisms of primary dysmenorrhoea are unclear, but pain has been associated with high levels of prostaglandin in the uterus. This high prostaglandin levels increases uterine muscle contraction, leading to reduction in blood flow to uterine muscles. This occurs more in the teenage adolescent.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea, however, describes pain due to abnormality in the pelvic region. It is not common among the adolescent but most commonly observed in older women who are above 30.

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