Checkout the cute daughter of Actress Uche Ogbodo whom she had few years back

Actress Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo is one of the nollywood actresses who has made name for herself. She is a talented, skilful and a beautiful woman who acts so well.


Actress Uche Ogbodo is a fair skinned lady with a very bright future who has featured in different films like be my Val, four sisters, his holiness, gamblers, light out, over heat, family romance, the laptop, commitment shy, Yankee girls and numerous others. She has acted alongside with so many other movie actors and actresses.

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The 34 years old actress had in the past years given birth to an adorable daughter whom she bore after she got separated with the man who engaged her. Uche Ogbodo didn’t see the need to take their relationship to another level as trouble began to arise after he engaged her hence the separation. She later gave birth to an adorable princess whom she named Mildred. Her daughter is more than four years of age. See photo of the adorable daughter of Actress Uche Ogbodo:

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