Checkout how much Singapore, Canada and USA are paying it’s citizens to stay at home


It is no longer news that one third of the world’s population has been placed on a lock down and self isolation.

Many countries have been looking after their citizens to disburse the effects of the entire coronavirus epidemic with big countries launching stimulus packages to help their citizerns financially. We have decided to analyse some of the biggest stimulus packages that has been announced around the world.:

Singapore: Singapore has voted to pay its citizens $150 daily to say at home during the period of the self-isolation, starting from 20th of March 2020.

Canada: Canada has approved a stimulus package of $2TRN which will see adults receive an amount of $300 every 2 weeks and children get $150 every 2 weeks for at least 14 weeks of the self isolation period and all student loan repayment to be suspended.

USA: The United states has decided to approve at $7TRN stimulus package as well with speculations of paying its citizens around $1000 every month during the self-isolation period.

India: India is already preparing a stimulus package to see all its citizens get a little stipend that will help them get by in the period of self-isolation of uncertainty.

Nigeria is unfortunate;y still struggling with curtailing the spread and effects of the virus. A pay package, like those introduced in important and advanced countries is no where in sight for poor Nigerians.