Check out this lovely photo of Angela Okorie having sweet moments with her children


One thing is for sure in this phase the world is in is the single fact that almost everyone has been advised to be indoors as much as they can and only go out if and only if what they are going to do out there is important.


It ultimately means, almost all family members in a specific household would be available in the house.

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With many parents leaving home by the break of dawn and coming home to the sleeping tiresome bodies of their children, there is never too much time for parents to bond with their children and wives with their husbands.

There isn’t simply time enough for the whole family to have a moment to enjoy each other’s company.

Now no one is going anywhere, at least most people— some airports have been closed, schools, churches, and even some people have been asked to work from home.

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This means that families would get to be together and have lots of warming experiences.

In as much children can be gruelling at times, we cannot deny this sure would serve some good purposes.

And this is one of such moments for Nollywood actress Angela Okorie and her children.


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