Check out the Good News And Bad news Of Mas turbation Doctor Never told You


This Valentine’s Day, while you couples and triads have romantic meals and cover your furniture in rose petals or whatever, the singles of the world will be firing up Netflix and a bottle of wine, and then, inevitably, glancing down at their hands, or the drawer they keep their vibrators in. Just you and me, buddy. Like always.

Masturbation is great, obviously, but like any indulgence, too much of it can be a bad thing. I’m guessing you already know about the health and mental benefits of regular masturbation—it decreases men’s chances of getting prostate cancer and can help post-menopausal women regain their pelvic-floor strength—but jacking or jilling off can have negative consequences, some of which are pretty darn gruesome.

I spoke with Dr. Richard A. Santucci, chief of urology at Detroit Receiving Hospital, to find out about the major horror shows that might befall your privates if you self-pleasure with reckless abandon this holiday. What he told me was not pretty.

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