Check out inspiring before-and-after photos of Kim Kardashian’s fitness trainer


Melissa Alcantara, is a celebrity fitness trainer whose body transformation inspired Kim Kardashian West to hire her as a personal trainer last summer.

Earlier this year, the mother of one revealed that she went into bodybuilding after giving birth to her daughter in 2011. Melissa said she was 40 lbs overweight and “depressed.”

“My pregnancy was very tough emotionally and physically,” Alcantara told INSIDER. “Many nights I would just leave the house late at night and walk to Dunkin’ Donuts, where I’d stuff my face with donuts and coffee at 2 a.m. Then I’d feel miserable about the whole thing and proceed to repeat the same process a few nights later.”

“I had been out of shape and out of love with my body for a long time,” Alcantara said. “I was lying down on my couch, tried, uninspired, unmotivated, and just sad. I knew there was more to life than this. I had enough.”

According to her, one day she saw an infomercial for a home workout fitness program called “Insanity” and was inspired to start working on herself.

“At that moment, I decided to start taking care of myself and have been furiously practicing fitness and self-love for almost six years now,” Alcantara said. “I wanted to really be there for my baby and my family, and mostly for myself.”

See more before-and-after photos of Melissa Alcantara below.


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