Check out: How Methuselah lived 969 years


Methuselah is the oldest man to ever lived according to the bible, he lived 969 years, not only him lived above 900, others like Adam, Noah also lived above 900 but Methuselah was the oldest to live. So our main look is now on Methuselah, how he lived 969 years.

Check out three possibly reasons how he lived that much.

1. Dating: Since no one who lived at that time, give account of how date was counted, it might be possible they have short years, even shorter than 4 months, if it happened to be that a year then is just 3 months, or shorter it is possible he lived 969 years that time.

2. First creations: It is certain Methuselah was given birth to by one of Adam’s descendant, surely Adam was still alive when Methuselah was born, so we can agree Methuselah is also part of the first creations of God, maybe God wanted his first creations grow older before the grace was later reviewed and man don’t grow up to that anymore.

3. Environment and lifestyle: In the world now, the environment we live in, Industries everywhere, inhaling smokes from technology results, the type of life we live, no more farming, technology and advancement had taken over, it is possible with all this that at that time Methuselah lived there was no such of things then, and with the type of food they eat then, which is different from the ones we take now, it is possible Methuselah could live that much.