Cheating is not exclusive to men women too can cheat – Stephanie Benson


Cheating is a phenomenon among the human institution predominantly linked with men as they are often the ones who fall for the devilish act.

It is more normal for men to cheat as compared to women as a woman caught cheating is considered a whore.

Throwing light on this subject, beautiful Ghanaian singer and actress Stephanie Benson holds a different view on this.

Stephanie Benson took to social media to share his thoughts on the subject stating that cheating is not exclusive to men as many think.

According to the evergreen looking mother, as men cheat, women should not be left out of it also citing that women too feel the edge to cheat.

When it comes to cheating, it often observed as a thing for men only.

Stephanie Benson took to her Instagram page to explain why women should be allowed to cheat.

Captioning the video, she wrote;

A Men will boldly go out and cheat when in a partnership, sometimes with the preconceived notion that his Queen will be at home waiting and accepting.

Don’t be fooled that your meal is ready and waiting and she looks happy when your cheating self walks through the door.

The Gander may be getting her feathers wet in another pond. The pond may be full of ladyflower petals or it could be very long, deep, wide.