“Cheating back on your husband will destroy your marriage” – Martini Animashaun warns Laide Bakare for advising women to cheat back

Ace Nollywood producer Martini Animashaun has shared his thoughts on infidelity in marriages.

In an interview with Kemi Filani, Martini, while reacting to a recent statement by his colleague, Laide Bakare that she will cheat back on her husband, said revengeful infidelity might crash the marriage.

The ace actor on what he thinks about Laide Bakare’s opinion on cheating said, “While it might seem tempting to respond to infidelity with a taste of their own medicine, taking the high road through open communication is a more fruitful path. Revengeful actions can intensify the issue and deepen the rift between partners.”

He further advised, “Instead, addressing the root causes of the infidelity, understanding each other’s perspectives, and working towards rebuilding trust can lead to a more resilient relationship. Choosing maturity over revenge allows for personal growth and a healthier resolution to the challenges at hand.”
Speaking further on whom he thinks cheats more in relationships, Martini Animashaun said, “I think men cheat more. Men may cheat for reasons such as a lack of emotional connection, a desire for newness, communication issues, personal insecurities, or unresolved past issues.

“Individual motivations vary, and addressing these underlying issues through open communication can contribute to healthier relationships.

The actor, who recently starred alongside legendary acts such as Dele Odule, Mercy Aigbe Jaiye Kuti, amongst others, in the thrilling movie ‘Aiye Nika’ also shared his thoughts on what he considers to be the major challenges affecting the Yoruba movie industry, stating

“In the Yoruba movie industry where I’m active, a big challenge is the lack of support among practitioners. When people in the industry don’t help each other out, it becomes hard for actors and filmmakers to succeed.

“This lack of teamwork can make it tough for the Yoruba movie industry to grow and for practitioners to have long-lasting careers.”

Laide Bakare made headlines, days back when she stated that if her man cheats on her, she would retaliate. She made this known as she asserted that all men cheat.

She affirmatively stated that 100 percent of men cheat and questioned if there is any man on Earth who doesn’t cheat.

Advising women with cheating spouses, she told them not to leave their man but to rather cheat on them too, but do it with maturity.

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