Chats between a married man and his ex- girlfriend surface on social media

Chats between a married man and his ex - girlfriend surface on social media

A social media user has shared a chat between a single lady and her ex-boyfriend.

The ex-boyfriend who is now married reached out to his ex-girlfriend complaining bitterly about his marriage.

The man expresses regret over settling with his wife instead of his ex-girlfriend.

Relationships can be quite complex. A social media user recently shared screenshots of a conversation between a young man and his ex-girlfriend in which he expressed regret over not marrying her.

In the chat, the now-married man can be seen lamenting over his choice of settling with his wife. He told his ex-girlfriend how much he regrets not settling with her instead of his wife. The man also stated that he is no longer attracted to his wife and wishes he had stayed with his ex-girlfriend.

After his rant, the young lady who revealed that she had moved on adviced him to work on his marriage and forget about her as time had passed.

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