Charles ‘will not rule’ and coronation will be abruptly ‘cancelled’, astrologer claims

An astrologer has made a bold claim that the upcoming coronation of King Charles III will not go ahead.
The official coronation date of King Charles has been scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 6. But a top astrologer has stated that the date might “change” and could even be “cancelled”.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Jessica Adams, the author of Modern Astrology 2050, said: “The people of the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom, as well as Parliament, will be drawn into the crisis following new revelations about Charles, Diana and Camilla.
“The coronation is set for May 2023 but will not go as planned, something Harry has hinted at in publicity for Spare.
“The Anglican church has never crowned a divorced man as king, let alone one who has confessed to adultery – and nor has a woman participating in adultery become Queen.”

Then, writing on her own blog, she explained further: “Dates to watch for a crisis involving Charles, Camilla, the Church of England and Parliament : March 24 until June 11, January 22, 2024 until September 2 2024, and November 20, 2024 until March 5, 2025.”
She did not go into any detail as to what could cause the coronation to be cancelled, delayed or changed.
However. Prince Harry could be almost entirely cut out from the coronation. 

Roya Nikkhah, Royal Editor for the Sunday Times, tweeted: “I can also reveal that Prince Harry has been written out of the script for the Coronation, with no official role in the service if he attends. Breaking with tradition, Charles will scrap royal dukes kneeling and paying homage to the monarch.
“Only William will perform that role.

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