Champions League: Mourinho tips surprise club to win trophy


Former Manchester United and Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, has tipped Tottenham Hotspur or Ajax to win this season’s Champions League, ahead of Barcelona and Liverpool.

Tottenham reached the Champions League semi-final after defeating Pep Guardiola’s Manchester United on Wednesday, while Ajax dumped Juventus out of the competition.

Mourinho said he would not be surprised if either Tottenham or Ajax win the Europe top-flight tournament this campaign.

According to him, Ajax are giant killers, while Tottenham are top team in the Premier League.

“I’m really happy for both of them [Tottenham and Ajax],” Mourinho told Russia Today.

“I always used to say that when you get into the quarter-final you are there for a reason.

“The group phase, sometimes you get a little bit lucky, sometimes your opponent is not as good as expected, sometimes you are lucky in the last-16 draw.

“But when you get into the quarter-finals, in a very respectful way, I always say there’s a 12.5 per cent chance for each team to win.

“They have good reason to dream about it.

“When you get to the semi-finals it’s even more, 25% for each one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ajax or Tottenham win the Champions League.

“Okay, maybe I would be a little bit surprised, but I wouldn’t be in shock because they are in the semi-finals and one of them will go to the final and the final is a final, it’s one game. It’s 90 minutes, it’s the game of a career for the majority of the people.

“I think they’ll both be dreaming about it and they have good reason to dream about it.

“Ajax are giant killers and Tottenham – we can’t say giant killers because City have no tradition of success in the Champions League – but they are a top team in the country and they beat them too. It’s a 50/50.”