Champions League Final:Real Madrid reprimands Pochettino over Lies


Real Madrid have accused Mauricio Pochettino of lying over claims, that Spurs were denied permission to stay at their training ground, ahead of the Champions League Final.

Both Tottenham and Liverpool will use Real’s Valdebebas training complex ahead of the final in Madrid.

However, speaking on Thursday, Pochettino claimed Spurs had asked whether they could use Real’s accommodation at their training base and were refused.

Ahead of the final, we will train at Valdebebas and sleep in a nearby hotel. I asked Florentino to let us sleep in the sports center, but he told me that I can only sleep there when I become the coach of Real Madrid”. Pochettino said.

That declaration has drawn a response from Los Blancos, who have issued a strongly worded statement today.

Thus, Liverpool plans to train in our facilities on Saturday, June 1 in the morning. Tottenham, for its part, will do so on Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31.

Real Madrid CF also wants to emphasize that the accommodation of the final teams of the Champions League are assigned by UEFA following criteria of organisation and security. And that at no time has our club been requested that these teams could be accommodated in the facilities of Ciudad Real Madrid,” it read.

All requests submitted to Real Madrid have referred only and exclusively to the use of the training camps of the Ciudad Real Madrid and its changing rooms. And all of them have been granted by our club.