Celebs who flaunt their assets online are immature – Kisa Gbekle


Celebrities incestanly flaunt their properties on the internet for whatever reason best known to them.

Budding Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle has subtly jabbed those celebrities who are fond of showing off their properties.

The actress has asserted that celebrities who display their assets on the internet are immature.

Taking her turn on the ‘Uncut Show’ with popular blogger, Zionfelix, she minced no words saying those celebs are childish because who are they trying to impress.

She shot down the mantra that flaunting properties motivate the youth to demand for themselves the best.

According to her, doing such thing rather pushes into doing negative things for quick money.

She indicated that celebrities who flaunt things online do not acquire them legitimately.

Kisa, however, seized the opportunity to advice the youth to work hard and not to fall prey to these phony acts.