“Celebrity wey dey piss for body” – Harrysong’s estranged wife refutes his claims, says he bedwets

The estranged wife of popular singer, Harrison ‘Harrysong’ Okiri known as Alexer Peres Gomez, has denied the allegations of infidelity he leveled against her.

Tonrends reports that the music star claimed she got pregnant for another man while they were still married, and regretted marrying her.

Taking to her social media to react, Alexer clarified that her mother only remarried after she lost her husband, and she is still married to the same man. To ridicule the singer, the mother of two claims he wets the bed.

She wrote; “Do you all know that Harrysong bed wets? Yes celebrity wey Dey piss for body. Oh so sorry to break it to u all. I also get to deal with this daily, while calling him my lord

You said I convinced you to get married to me? A 20 years old girl, convincing a full grown man to get married to her? Please make me understand, Never knew I was married to a robot, Who couldn’t make decisions for himself. Same you who told me your ex girl friend used charms on you. And now your eyes are open since u met me So it’s now me that forced marriage on you, really?

I never knew my mum married 6 husbands wow, Chronic My mum only remarried when she lost her husband, as i speak, she is happily married, with her dowry paid in full. Since when did it become a crime for a widow to remarry?

And what does the words “till do us part” mean? Pained soul why are u trying to project your insecurities on me? We all know your mum gave birth to 6 children for 6 different men.

None of which she was married to.And you, a product of incest. Imagine having 5 siblings and you don’t know who their fathers are. Why throw stones, when you live in a glass house.”

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